MYMOVE is a Sports Blog found by Luis Cabizuca. The focus here is to motivate, inspire and educate people about sports, active and a healthy lifestyle through sports.
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Our story…

Soccer was in the blood but it was time to try a different sport.

Luis Cabizuca, our creator, decided to try tennis. At that time in Brazil Gustavo Kuerten was the new hero after winning Roland Garros and tennis became a “popular” game. At a young age, Luis moved away from his parents to pursue a career as a tennis player. College tennis in the United States was the best option for him and so it began.

After meeting new people, making new friends and competing in different locations, all he could think of was how lucky he was and how important tennis became in his life. Every new experience and opportunity was related to the sport.

After so many years playing, he decided to create a BLOG to share and inspire more people to do the same: Pick a sport and experience a different way of living. In 2015, the blog MYMOVE was born. With a great inspirational post, he began his journey to motivate others. After a year of just posting things in social medias, he then decided that it was time to evolve and become a BRAND.


As we all know, tennis players care about their outfits and with him it wasn’t different. He wanted to wear his own brand on the courts.

We then launched the T-shirt “WHAT’S MYMOVE? TENNIS” with the main idea of showing people what this whole thing was about. Now, our 1 year old brand focus a lot on the sport and the great things that it can do in our lives. MYMOVE is still very active on social medias in order to share, motivate and inspire others with our products.


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